The Principle of the Objective

The following are the principle objectives of “KMCH Research Foundation”

  • To provide health education and devise strategies for prevention of communicable and non communicable diseases, thereby promoting preventive health care
  • To devise strategies in communicable and non communicable diseases to understand the incidence, prevalence and appropriate management.
  • Act as a nodal organization during and in between epidemics and pandemics to facilitate ways of reducing the disease burden in conjunction with Governmental agencies and local health authorities
  • To be involved in new cutting edge research in areas such as stem cell therapy, nano technology, organ transplantation and developing newer devices and technologies in the medical field.
  • To collaborate with institutions and organizations both in India and abroad to advance health care research for our population.
  • To do research on any other area of health care not covered by the above objectives that the foundation deems appropriate.
  • To conduct meetings, conferences and symposium in health care research to disseminate and acquire information.